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Hair Salon Capes

The salon cape is something that hairstylists have sworn by, but many women that style their hair at home have yet to really embrace this essential item of cosmetology at large.

In the past, the primary reason that women had as to why they didn't purchase a salon cape was that it was expensive, and the stores that sold good salon capes (also called a hair cape or cutting cape) were not open to non-cosmetologists.

However, those reasons don't exist anymore. For starters, a good salon cape is actually very inexpensive, and there are plenty of stores online that offer them to the public -- you don't have to have a cosmetology license just to protect your hair and skin.

Indeed, the primary goal of a hair cutting cape is to shield your skin and clothes from the harsh chemicals used to transform our hair into the styles that we demand, as well as keeping the cut hair off our body and clothes.

While it's true that you can wash, color, and even relax or permanently curl your hair without a good salon cape, you run the risk of burning your skin or damaging your clothing if something is spilled on it. It's easier to purchase a good hair cape and avoid these problems altogether. 

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 hair capes

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When looking for a salon cutting cape, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Since the goal of a good salon cape is to protect us from the chemicals used in hairstyling, you will want to look for thick materials that will not break down over time. There are plenty of good synthetic plastic salon capes that fit this requirement perfectly.

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In addition, you will also want to think about comfort as well -- you may have to sit with the hair cape on for a long period of time to get the hairstyle properly taken care of, so you will want to look for a lightweight salon cape that will not weigh you down after a couple of hours have passed.

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There are a few construction details that make all the difference in the world when it comes to choosing a quality hair cape. First, consider the way the salon cape comes on and off -- a  good salon cape needs to be able to be attached and removed easily.

While there are styles that simply pull over the head, this is not a great construction as chemicals and even stray hair can be all over the hair cape. The better option is a simple pull away style that has metal clasps that snap together and snap away depending on how you need them to go. 

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In order to protect your new hair cutting cape, you will want to pay close attention to the care instructions that come with it. Many salon capes on the market today allow for machine washing, but you may need to avoid bleaching to keep the material looking and behaving its very best.

A salon cape is an absolutely essential item if you're looking into taking care of your hair at home with chemicals.

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